HealthCheck Assessment

Cardiovascular diseases are the #1 cause of death among Americans with many not realizing they have the “silent killer.” HealthCheck is an annual assessment that helps detect signs of “heart health” diseases. Many people do not realize they already have a disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol because often pain or symptoms are not recognized. 

Identifying and treating these health issues early – even before you have any pain or other symptoms – can prevent silent damage to your body and may prevent a major heart problem or other severe conditions. When you complete the HealthCheck assessment, our health practitioners will guide you in understanding the easy-to-understand report and if any heart-related risks are detected, we will help develop a game plan to reduce your risks and take action to improve your health.

Why get a
HealthCheck every year? Because it gives you a better chance of detecting health problems early – before they become serious. And because it allows you to check your progress if you need to improve your health, so you know if your game plan is working… or if you and your provider need to adjust your plan.  

Are you ready to become young at heart? It begins with your annual HealthCheck and a conversation with your nurse practitioner or doctor.