Referral & Care Coordination

Our relationship with Alliance Coal Health Plan helps us facilitate your care and ensure that when special testing, procedures, or referrals to medical or surgical specialists are necessary, services can be arranged efficiently and in alignment with your health plan benefits and goals of care. The Care Coordination team can help you understand your options and navigate the sometimes complicated health care system. 

Care Coordination services include helping you:

Get the right care

For many patients, being discharged from the hospital or facing a chronic illness is an overwhelming and uncertain experience. Care Coordination helps you communicate with the hospital staff and specialists to evaluate options and ensure you get the care you need.

Understand information

Complicated conditions often involve several specialists who may not always update you or other doctors about your care. Care coordination can assist you in understanding information that is confusing, explaining disease information, and even medical bills. And they are available to assist you in communicating with providers on your behalf.

Stay on the road to recovery

Complications and setbacks can sometimes happen. If you have received outpatient or hospital care and not improving, Care Coordination can review your situation, medications and discuss options for additional care if necessary, at specialist facilities such as the University of Kentucky.

Care Coordination can help you:

  • Understand your medical condition.

  • Consider treatment options.

  • Evaluate whether you should consider other specialists and facilities with experience and equipment to address your condition.

  • Review medications to ensure the proper drugs are taken at the right time and to avoid dangerous interactions, which can occur with prescriptions from multiple providers. 

  • Ensure needed follow-up care and health monitoring occurs to expedite recovery.

The providers at the on-site Health Clinic at your mine or office can help you get started with the Care Coordination team.